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Welcome to my journey of self-discovery, rigorous honesty, sobriety, spirituality, and the healing of my mind and body

Hi, I’m Jennifer

Thank you so much for visiting my new Blog!! Over the past ten years, I have been on a journey of self-healing.  I have learned so much about myself, and have grown from so many moments of truth along the way.  After battling and recovering from trauma in my childhood, many health scares and a drug-addiction,  I know I am a survivor.  However, surviving and thriving are too very different things. I had to dig deep and become willing to ask for help.  There have been many "teachers" in my life that loved me until I could learn to love myself;  and they showed me a path that has brought me acceptance, self-love, and peace that I never knew existed.  The most profound change for me was letting go of the shame that kept me prisoner for a long time.  Learning to be vulnerable by opening up and sharing my experiences, has helped me heal mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Hearing words from others such as "me too", "I feel the same way", and "that also happened to me", made me realize that I am not alone. The purpose of this blog is to show others that they are also not alone.  I am also passionate about sharing thoughts and information on everything that helps me grow. Please read my first blog post below to learn more about me and my story.


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My Poems


Although I certainly do not consider myself to be a poet by any stretch of the imagination, I thought I would include a couple of poems I wrote to help me express how I was feeling at different points in my life.

My Addiction


You’ve been my best friend

Yet you have filled me with fear

You have beaten me down

‘Til I was no longer here


You have filled me with guilt

And stuffed me with shame

You’ve made me your prisoner

And only I am to blame.


You are all that I’ve had

You are all that I’ve known

You’ve chased loved ones away

And I felt so alone


Now, I am grasping at straws

From the depths of my soul

To rid me of you

And to make me feel whole


I step on the rung

Of this ladder I’ve made

As I climb a few steps

You start to fade


I am gaining in speed

Thoughts of you are long gone

I will never look back

Now I know I was wrong


I have entered a world

One not filled with strife

I have started to dream

And begin my new life


So I bid you farewell

No more more fear

A new day has dawned

And I am finally here.

I've Never Been That Girl


I’ve never been that girl

Whose confidence overflows

I’ve never been that girl

That everybody knows


Ive never been that girl who

Everyone says is pretty

I’m certainly not the one

That anyone can call witty


I’ve never been that girl

People clap for when I sing

And I’ve never been the one

That doesn’t worry about a thing.


I’ve never been that girl

Who doesn’t care what others think

I’ve never been that girl

Who can have only one drink


I’ve never been that girl

others praise for how she drives

(Most of the time my passengers

Feel lucky to be alive)


I’ve never been that girl

That remembers important dates

And I’m certainly not the one

That is never running late!


In the past I’ve always worried

About the girl that I am not


Through my journey inward

I found a girl who has A LOT


I know that I’m that girl

Who will get up when she falls

I know that I’m that girl

Who will be there when you call


I know that I’m that girl

Who tends to overshare

I’m definitely too trusting

But you’ll always know I care


I know that I’m that girl

Who will always face her fears

I know that I’m the girl

who will wipe away your tears


I know that I’m the girl

Who will fight for what is right

I know that I’m that girl

Who always loves to write


I’m the girl who loves adventure

And not afraid of something new

I’m the girl who gets excited

About the dreams I will pursue


I know that I’m that girl

Who will always be your friend

I know I’m fiercely loyal

And will defend you to the end


Although I’m not that girl

I always tried to be

I love the girl in the mirror

Who is smiling back at me.

In addition to my spiritual journey, I have been on a physical one as well.  The past few years I started traveling and hiking with some incredible friends. I have discovered the beauty of nature, and can never get enough of looking at God's masterpieces. These are some of my favorite photos I have taken.

Photo Gallery

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