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My Addiction

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

spilled bottle of pills with man feeling sad
Addicted to pills

You’ve been my best friend

Yet you have filled me with fear

You have beaten me down

‘Til I was no longer here


You have filled me with guilt

And stuffed me with shame

You’ve made me your prisoner

And only I am to blame.


You are all that I’ve had

You are all that I’ve known

You’ve chased loved ones away

And I felt so alone


Now, I am grasping at straws

From the depths of my soul

To rid me of you

And to make me feel whole


I step on the rung

Of this ladder I’ve made

As I climb a few steps

You start to fade


I am gaining in speed

Thoughts of you are long gone

I will never look back

Now I know I was wrong


I have entered a world

One not filled with strife

I have started to dream

And begin my new life


So I bid you farewell

No more more fear

A new day has dawned

And I am finally here.


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