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Dear Dad

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Letter Starting with the word Dear
Writing a Letter

When my mom remarried

We became a family

I was only six years old

When you adopted me

I was yearning for attention

You took my hand in yours

You showered me with love

Which opened up my doors

My first brushes with your anger

Confused and frightened me

I didn’t know what I did wrong

Or how things were going to be

Of course, you had your good days

Your jubilation overflowed

But I was always fearful

Of the next time you would explode

There were many ways you hurt me

In ways I never understood

I only wanted to be loved

In ways I knew you never could

There were many times I held it in

Always trying not to weep

But children are like wet cement

Impressions formed are deep

For years I often struggled

Plagued by an overwhelming shame

I eventually made my own mistakes

And for those, you are not to blame

Years later I finally realized

You had your demons too

This softened my demeanor

And I felt empathy for you

I never fully understood

The depths of your despair

And in the end, your troubles

Became too much for you to bear

In order to begin to heal

And truly start to live

Letting go was a necessity

And I needed to forgive

As you look down from the heavens

You can see how much I’ve grown

For along with that forgiveness

Came a peace I’ve never known


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3 Kommentare

17. Mai 2023

There is so much truth in these poetic words. I’m happy that the little girl inside of you now has that love. Some of us are still waiting and wanting to be loved.

Gefällt mir

16. Mai 2023

You are such an Incredible Woman!

Thank you for sharing so others may heal 💜

Gefällt mir
Jennifer Hauber
Jennifer Hauber
16. Mai 2023
Antwort an

Thank you so much!! ❤️

Gefällt mir
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